Combo Nail Teengirls CB-T1 Quyen Beauty



Combo Nail Teengirls will be the perfect choice for teenage girls looking for their own personal care kit.


  • What does this kit include? 
  • What are the specifications and functions of each product? 

Let's find out with Quyen Beauty in the content below!

I. Products in the Combo Nail Teengirls: 

The set includes 5 personal care tools as follows:

1. Multi-colored cuticle nipper:

2. Nail clipper 904:

3. Cuticle pusher 506:

4. Tweezer N-401:

5. Eyebrow trimming scissors KM-601:

II. Specifications and Functions of Each Product

No.Product NameSpecifications & Outstanding FeaturesUsage
1Multi-colored cuticle nipper- Randomly 1 of 9 colors: Orange, Red, Pink, Purple, White, Yellow, Blue, Green, Gray
- Size: 160 x 76mm x 80mm
- Weight: 40 grams
- Stainless steel, chrome plated.
- No rust resistance
Sharp nipper blades, easily cutting cuticles of hands and feet quickly and simply.
2Nail clipper 904- Size: L 56.5 mm x W 12 mm x H 14 mm
- Weight: 20g
- Stainless steel (inox)
- Color: Silver
- Small design, curved blades
Sharp clipper blades, ensuring long-lasting durability for cutting fingernails and toenails.
3Cuticle pusher 506- Size: L 136 x Ø 5.7mm
- Weight: 30g
- Stainless steel
- Gray handle, gold head
- One square end, one round end, round handle with ridges
- Round end:
Used to push dead skin cells and old nail polish.
- Square end:
Push dirt around the nail edges to make it easier for the nipper to cut cuticles.
4Tweezer N-401- Randomly 1 of 5 colors: Blue, Green, Red, Purple, Yellow
- Size: L 88.5mm
- Weight: 8g
- Stainless steel
- Small design, slanted tweezer tips, high balance between tips
Tweezer tips are sharpened with modern technology to grip and pluck without breaking hair.
5Eyebrow trimming scissors KM-601- Size: L 88.5 mm x W 47 mm x H 2 mm
- Weight: 9g
- Stainless steel
- Color: Silver
- Sharp tips
Small, compact, and lightweight eyebrow trimming scissors. Thin tips for easy trimming and shaping eyebrows.


The combo has a very compact and cute design, packaged in a gentle and feminine pink box. 

The product is very suitable as a gift for friends and family on occasions such as March 8, October 20, birthdays, etc.

III. Warranty and Maintenance

Warranty: If the product has technical issues, you can exchange it at any Quyen Beauty dealer. 

Maintenance: After use, clean with alcohol or acetone and store in the packaging. Keep in a cool, dry place, out of reach of children.


Quyen Beauty Trading Co., Ltd.

Address: 203 TL 41, Thanh Loc Ward, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City

Hotline: 0909 546 105

The Combo Nail Teengirls will be a wonderful gift for teenage girls, helping to prevent infectious diseases from sharing personal items with others. Don't hesitate to get this Nail Teengirls kit right away!

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