Cuticle Nipper QD-333



QD-333 skin cutting design is designed to suit the hands of Asians. Chrome -plated leather cutting and applying plating technology is safe for hand skin. The tongue is thin, sophisticated, high accuracy should be cut neatly without damaging the skin when cutting. The tongue is sharp, long -lasting durability, no need to be grinded when buying.

QD-333 skin cutting is made from S45_C material, safe for users. The nose and tongue are designed appropriately to easily enter the skin and clean the inside of the nail. Anti -groove and grooving helps automatically roll the grip when cut without fingers to help users easily cut the skin at home.

4 Steps to preserve the grip:
1. Dip 1/4 of the grip on the medical alcohol solution to disinfect the grip.
2. Add machine oil to the grip to make it more smooth.
3. After use, use acetone to wipe away the dirt layer above the grip. Make sure the grip is always clean and safer.
4. Close the lid carefully, to avoid colliding with the nose.

Pointed and safe edge: The sharp edge design makes it easy to cut the skin near the epidermis area of the nails without damaging the skin, the knife cuts the epidermis and also helps to remove dead skin to support beauty of the beauty The edge of the nails, from which can be easier to nail polish, convenient and look better.

Designing the handle with a gentle and fitting curve when used can be more comfortable between fingers as well as palms, these epidermal scissors are often so maximizing the force of the blow trap. The hand fits tightly to the natural curve that is easy to use in both nails and legs.

*Get 1 wiper accompanying when buying pliers.

Quyen's commitment:
- 100%genuine products.
- Products sold like photos.
- Made in Vietnam.

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