Cutticle Nipper D506



Quyen D506 leather cutting pliers are chrome plated and apply plating technology that is safe for hand skin.
Thin, delicate, high-precision pliers.
Sweet sharp pliers blade, long-lasting durability, no need to re-sharpen when purchased.
Material S45_C, safe for users.
The nose and blade are properly designed to easily penetrate the skin and clean the inside of the nail.
Anti-nippers and grooves help to automatically release the pliers handle when cutting without the need of fingers to make it easy for users to cut their own skin at home.

Uses: Used to cut the skin of hands and feet, not to cut hard objects.

- Note for use: The product is only used to cut the skin of hands and feet, not to cut hard objects.

4 steps to preserve pliers:

1. Dip 1/4 of the pliers into a medical alcohol solution to disinfect.

2. Add machine oil to the pliers for lubrication.

3. After use, wipe off dirt with Acetone.

4. Close the cap to avoid bumping the tip of the pliers.

*Packing size and weight:

- Dimensions (DxRxC): 160mm x 76mm x 80mm.

- Weight: 70g

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