Eyebrow scissors KM601



To have an eyebrow shape that thousands of people love, what you cannot do without is an eyebrow scissors.

Eyebrow scissors are one of the indispensable tools in your beauty kit. A personal scissors line with a small - compact - lightweight design that helps to trim the outer eyebrow to shape and shape the eyebrows as you want. Quyen KEON601 eyebrow scissors are made of stainless steel combined with safe plating technology that does not harm hands. With thin scissors, easy to trim and shape; with plastic packaging to help preserve the product easier. The compact size is suitable for Asian hand sizes and can be carried around conveniently.

All of these make a perfect pruning shears that Quyen has for you.

- Composition: Stainless steel (stainless steel)

- Uses: Used for trimming eyebrows, not for cutting hard objects.

- How to use: First, comb the eyebrows, place the scissors horizontally and then gently cut the excess eyebrow in the direction of its growth.

Packing weight and size:

- Dimensions (DxRxC): 154mm x 55mm x 55mm.

- Weight: 20g.

Methods of preservation:

- Keep scissors in a dry place.

- After use, wipe the scissors with a soft cloth or a specialized scissor wipe

- Use enough alcohol to clean the product, be careful NOT to drop the scissors directly into the alcohol.

- Avoid hitting the blade or letting it fall to the ground.

- Keep out of reach of CHILDREN.

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