Eyebrow tweezers N408



Quyen N408 tweezers are designed with a small version, slanted tweezers, high balance between the two ends. Crafted from stainless steel material. Safe plating technology does not harm hands, tweezers ensure safety for users. The blade of the tweezers is sharpened according to modern technology to help stick and not break the object to be plucked, easy to use.

Quyen N408 eyebrow tweezers are always trusted by customers and are a best-selling product of Quyen's past time. Luxury plastic box packaging helps to preserve the product well and is suitable as a gift.

Donation Tweezers N408

- Material: Stainless steel (Inox), safe for users.

- Design: Suitable for Asian hands.

- Warranty: If the product has a technical defect, you can exchange it at any Quyen's agent / Showroom of the Company.

Product use: For plucking eyebrows.

- How to preserve the product: After use, wipe it with alcohol or Acetone and put it in the packaging for preservation. Keep in a dry place and keep out of reach of children.

- Manufacture and brand: Vietnam.

Packing weight and size:

- Dimensions (DxRxC): 154mm x 55mm x 55mm.

- Weight: 20g.

Not only is it convenient but also Quyen's thoughtfulness.

Eyebrow tweezers with cheerful colors are an indispensable product in your beauty collection. With stainless steel, stainless steel and slanted nose design, compact, easy to use, Quyen hopes, you will have a beautiful eyebrow and absolute satisfaction when using the produced Tweezers products. and designed by our company.

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