Multi -purpose earwax set



Professional earwax set with 10 dishes

- Especially suitable for both men to carry every time they go to hair cutting.

- Preventing from infectious diseases when sharing things with others.

- There are stainless steel and ebony handle so extremely solid and safe for users.

- Compact, convenient design can be easily carried with people.

- Can be a meaningful gift for relatives, colleagues and friends.

Professional earwax set with 10 dishes is designed to be compact, convenient and suitable for both men and women, used in all families and beauty salon. The product includes 10 extremely handy tools with many different uses, making it easy to remove and clean the ears clean, soft and uncomfortable.

Material: Made from 100% stainless steel in Europe U S45C, super durable, ensuring safety when used.

Storage: A cool, dry place. Store in the box when buying the product.

Brand and manufactured in: Vietnam.

Size and packing weight:

- Size (DXRXC): 245mm x 170mm x 20mm.

- Weight: 158g.

The earwax set includes 10 dishes:

1. Wind trees.

2. Crab tree.

3. Earwax tree hook.

4. Earwax tree.

5. Oxide tree.

6. Tweezers fold earwax.

7. Wood -ear cotton tree.

8. Ear razor.

9. Razor.

10. Romitous knife box.

Lead the market in quality and safety in design.

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