Nail File 801

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Nail file is an indispensable tool after trimming and cleaning nails. Filing nails is really important, this helps to prevent nails from being broken or scratched during daily activities. On the other hand, Nail File helps to create the nail shape you want such as square nails, oval nails,... Along with the product lines of skin clippers, nail clippers, nail clippers,...

Nail file Quyen DGQ801A: Big

Nail file Quyen DGQ801B: Small

Quyen DGQ801 nail file with sandpaper material makes it easy to use and ensures long-term durability. The packaging is a plastic box that helps to preserve the product well, convenient to carry around.

- Design: Designed to fit Asian hands. The paper file has a round tip, the file's grain size is 120/120, easy to use and has a long life.

- Material: Sandpaper, safe for users.

- Includes: 6 pcs/blister.

- Color: Black.

- Warranty: If the product has a technical defect, you can exchange it at the Company's Showroom.

Usage Notes:

- Product use: Used to file nails.

- How to store the product: Store in a dry place, out of reach of children.

- Brand: Quyen.

- Made in Vietnam.

Dimensions and weight:

- Dimensions: 177mm x 18mm x 2mm.

Weight: 65g.

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