Nail Nipper M999



The nail cuter M999
- S45_c steel material, safe for users.
- The nose and tongue are designed appropriately to enter the skin and clean the inside of the nail.
- Anti -groove and grooving helps automatically roll the grip when cut without fingers to help users easily cut the skin at home.
- Design design suitable for Asian hands.
- The tongue is thin, sophisticated, high accuracy should be cut neatly without damaging the skin when cutting.
- The tongue is sharp, long -lasting durability, no need to be grinded when buying.
- Warranty: If the product has a technical error, you can exchange at the company's showroom.
- Note use: The product is only used to cut nails and legs, not to cut hard objects.
- Brand and manufactured in: Vietnam.
*Size and packaging weight:

- Size (DXRXC): 160mm x 76mm x 80mm.

- Weight: 80g.
*Gifts: 1 file with M999 nail nails.
4 Steps to preserve the grip:
1. Dip 1/4 tongue into medical alcohol solution for disinfection.

2. Small machine oil into the grip for lubrication.

3. After use, wipe off dirt with acetone.

4. Close the lid to avoid the nose collision.
The beauty of your hands is what we are most interested in.

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