Quyên MQ-02 Nipper Grinder



Quyên MQ-02 Nipper Grinder

1. Technical Specifications Main Material: 

Imported stainless steel from Taiwan Technology: CNC 

Color: White-gray 

Dimensions: 55x40x35 

Weight: Grinder 15kg Gift 2kg 

Design: Solid aluminum rotary shaft, designed and manufactured with CNC technology 

Voltage/Frequency: 110-220V/50-60Hz 

Standard: 04:2024/QB 

Brand: Quyên Beauty, established in 2022 with the mission to provide customers with premium nail care and beauty tools.

  • Warranty: 1 year

  • Product Usage: Grinding cuticle and nail nippers

  • Brand: Quyên Beauty

  • Manufactured in: Vietnam.

We have put our care into every design detail of the product.

2. Structure of the Quyên MQ-02 Nipper Grinder

1. The table surface is made from 100% solid aluminum imported from Taiwan, ensuring durability and strong impact resistance during transport.

2. The linear slide assembly includes a slide rail and slider made from 100% solid steel imported from Taiwan. Components include:

The slide rail includes 2 sets of flat and sharp holding clamps.

Function: Flexible multi-angle adjustment by simply rotating the shaft as desired for user convenience.

Each set of flat and sharp holding clamps includes a nipper clamp lock.

Function: Quickly open and clamp the nipper securely to prevent it from shifting (fits all types of nippers on the market after a single adjustment).

3. High-tech integrated magnifying glass made from plastic, metal, and premium mica glass.


Provides 10x magnification compared to conventional machines, allowing for 99.99% precision in operations.

Suitable for both men and women, with no age restrictions.

Anti-glare capability to protect eyes.

Easy to disassemble and assemble, making transport more convenient.

Specially designed to prevent dust from flying into the eyes during grinding.

4. Electrical box with 110V-220V, 50-60Hz suitable for domestic and international power sources. The electrical box includes a potentiometer knob, power switch, and power indicator made from high-quality ABS plastic.

5. Lighting

Semi-circular LED tube light provides clear illumination of the nipper during grinding to check sharpness.

Adjustable LED light system to see the gap clearly while grinding, enhancing precision.

The light cover is equipped with a sturdy glass layer to prevent dust from reducing aesthetics and lifespan.

6. High-quality stainless steel motor shaft with smart adjustment for near-perfect precision.

7. Solid aluminum lead screw for height adjustment, providing flexible up and down movement for precise grinding.

8. Flat grinding stone, 100% imported from Taiwan, made from alloy stone mixed with high-quality diamond powder, providing 10x hardness and capable of grinding 8,000-10,000 nippers.

9. Sharp grinding stone, 100% imported from Taiwan, capable of grinding over 100,000 nippers.

10. Multi-directional pedal

Function: Supports smart motor operation and stop, allowing users to safely start or stop the machine anytime.

The difference in this machine is the solid aluminum rotary shaft, with all machine assembly details utilizing CNC technology for nearly error-free precision.

The grinder operates at high speed with high accuracy.

3. Superior Advantages of the High-tech CNC Super Sharp MQ-02 Nipper Grinder 

The Quyên MQ-02 Nipper Grinder is known for its meticulousness and high precision.

Easy to use: Detailed design and easy operation make it suitable for beginners.

100% professional nipper grinding skills in 7-15 days instead of 6 months of practice.

Smart design is easy to operate for all users, including the elderly.

Lightweight and easy to transport, ideal for the grinding profession.

Delivers 99.99% like-new quality nippers, ultra-sharp and durable.

Saves grinding time, taking only 2-3 minutes to sharpen old nippers, quickly increasing income.

ISO international certification ensures product quality, safety, and effectiveness for users.

4. Gifts Included with Purchase 

When purchasing the high-tech super sharp MQ-02 Nipper Grinder, customers will receive the following 4 types of gifts:

Anvil: Made from solid stainless steel, used to adjust the nipper pivot.

Hammer: Used to impact the nipper pivot, making it easier to open and close the nipper.

Dial indicator: Imported from Taiwan, used to calibrate the flatness of the stone.

Stone dresser: Used to resurface the stone.

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