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Earwax often makes you itchy and uncomfortable. To clean earwax not only needs to be meticulous, but also needs to use high-quality and safe tools because when putting the product into deep cleaning in the ear canal, it only takes a small mistake. may cause serious injury. Understanding these things, Quyen has put all her experience and absolute care into every design detail of the product, to come up with the earwax kit how to be both safe and used for cleaning. It's easiest because your ears not only need to be cleaned but also need to be protected.
- Especially suitable for both men to carry every time they go to cut their hair.
- Preventing from infectious diseases when sharing items with others.
- With stainless steel material and ebony handle, so it is extremely sturdy and safe for users.
- Compact, convenient design that can be easily carried around.
- Can make meaningful gifts for relatives, colleagues and friends.
Quyen's professional standard earwax set with 9 pieces is designed to be compact, convenient and suitable for both men and women, used in all families and beauty salons. The product includes 9 extremely handy tools with many different uses, making it easy to remove wax and clean ears, gently without causing discomfort and damage.Material:  Made of high quality stainless steel, safe to use.
Storage:   Store in a cool, dry place. Store in the box when purchasing the product.
Brand and made in:  Vietnam.
Packing size:
- Dimensions (DxRxC): 235mm x 90mm x 17mm.
Earwax set includes 9 pieces:
1. Wind tree.
2. Crab claw tree.
3. Ear wax hook.
4. Ear wax tree.
5. Eyeliner.
6. Tweezers fold earwax.
7. 2 Wood earring tree.
8. Razor for ear hair.Market leader in quality and safety in design.
Thank you for always loving our company's ear cleaning products. Your trust has made us feel that all our efforts in design, material selection and manufacturing have truly paid off. Cleaning earwax not only requires meticulousness but also high-quality tools because when it comes to cleaning products deep in the ear canal, even a small mistake can cause serious damage. Therefore, Quyen has put all her experience in the profession and her absolute care into every design detail of the product, how to be both safest, used and cleaned most easily by the ears. Not only does your property need to be cleaned, but it also needs to be protected. Quyen wants from the simplest things, you understand how much we think for you and appreciate your support.

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